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How to Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Semi Truck Accident

When you, or a family member, have been involved in a truck accident, hiring an attorney is probably the last thing you are interested in doing. In reality, after getting immediate medical care, it should be the next decision.

Preserving Evidence

The accident scene is filled with evidence and the preservation of that evidence is essential to successfully handle your case.

Interviewing Witnesses

One of the first things your truck accident law firm will do is immediately determine who are witnesses and which of those witnesses will be helpful in proving you, or your family member, was not at fault or did not cause the accident.

Photographs of the Scene and the Vehicles

Before insurance companies fix the damage, an experienced big rig injury lawyer will immediately locate and take pictures of the accident scene and all the motor vehicles involved in the accident.

Hire Expert Witnesses

In some truck accidents, the damage is so severe that there needs to be an expert analysis of the damage and the roadway to actually determine things like:

  • Locations of the vehicles in the roadway
  • Directions of travel
  • Speed of the vehicles
  • Trucking regulation violations

These experts are expensive and the lawyer will need to hire them as part of your legal claim.

Prepare & File Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

In most serious accidents with serious injuries or wrongful deaths, it is essential to file a lawsuit.

Conduct Discovery

After the lawsuit is filed, the injury attorney will prepare and file written requests and take depositions of witnesses with an eye on pushing the case to trial.

Go to Mediation

Once the legal case is ready to go trial, it is always advisable to go to a mediation. That way the insurance company for the trucking company can see face-to-face what they will be up against.

Go to Trial

In those case that are not settled, an experienced truck injury lawyer will need to go to trial.

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