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A stake truck or stake bed truck is a straight truck with a flat truck bed with a stake body. A stake truck has removable gates that surround and enclose the platform (the truck bed) to contain cargo and keep it from falling out. The gates are usually made from wood, but sometimes made from aluminum and are linked together with metal latches. Gates can be un-latched and removed quickly for loading and unloading as few as one at a time. Due to the heavy traffic and the sheer population of Odessa, It is not uncommon for a flatbed truck to cause a wreck or crash on Odessa highways such as the I-20 or US 385 due to driver fatigue for instance.

Contact an Odessa Stake Truck Accident Lawyer if you have been involved in an accident with a stake truck.Stake trucks are perfect for side-loading with a forklift where rear access is limited or non-existent. Light or bulky cargo can be loose or lightly strapped since it is contained by the gates. Heavy cargo can be strapped down or chained to the platform. A stake truck is flexible and perfect for short runs and local deliveries. All the gates can be removed and the truck can be used as a flatbed if desired. Some stake trucks are equipped with a hydraulic folding lift gate in the rear to make loading and unloading easy.

Odessa Stake Truck Accidents Caused by Driver Fatigue

Odessa stake truck drivers work long hours with very rigorous work schedules, and often have to meet unrealistic deadlines set by their employer or the shipper of the cargo they are hauling. Truck driver fatigue can set in and lead to a very dangerous situation for the driver and other motorists on the road. Stake trucks are no exception. Fatigue and lack of sleep have become some of the primary contributors to highway truck accidents, not only in Odessa but throughout the country. This, when combined with being in a hurry is a recipe for disaster.

Federal law puts a limit on how long a truck driver may operate a motor vehicle on Odessa highways. A trucker traveling along an Odessa road or interstate is put in a difficult position. The same is true of truckers on major highways, such as the I-20, US 385, SH 191, or SH 338. On the one hand, the driver must get from Point A to Point B and make the deliveries on time but on the other hand, the trucker is supposed to make sure that they get adequate rest and drive safety. Sometimes it is impossible to do without missing a deadline and a driver will often choose to sacrifice sleep instead. Although the driver may think that he or she is alright to continue driving, the trucker may not anticipate an accident. But this is no excuse for failing to comply with federal law and the driver will be found negligent if an accident ensues.

Odessa companies like MSM Imports or Western Export Trading Co Inc are supposed to make sure that any truck drivers they employ follow the regulations set by the State of Texas and federal laws. When one of their drivers fails to do so, they may also be joined as a defendant in an ensuing lawsuit.

Why You Need To Hire a Stake Truck Accident LawyerTruck driver fatigue can cause serious accidents and collisions such as this one. Fatigue and lack of sleep not only impair a truck driver's judgment, but also compromise reaction time and reflexes. Odessa Truck Accident Attorneys are there to represent you against large trucking companies and their insurers after you have been the victim of a truck accident.

If you or a loved one or friend is involved in an Odessa stake truck accident it is important to hire an Odessa truck accident attorney to protect your rights. A competent Odessa stake truck accident lawyer will usually retain the services of medical and scientific experts to prove both the cause of the accident and the cause of your injuries. Additionally, a qualified stake truck accident lawyer will conduct an investigation of the accident and gather important evidence found and collected from the scene of the wreck. Other important information including truck logs will usually be used in your case against the trucker, trucking company, or the insurance company of the trucking firm. Some of the ways an Odessa truck injury lawyer can help you after you’ve suffered a truck accident injury from a major stake truck wreck, is by preparing important physical and documentary evidence and by arranging expert witness testimony.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a serious stake truck wreck, 18-wheeler crash or big rig accident, and tragedy strikes you, a family member, or a friend, then it is important to hire a qualified truck accident lawyer as soon as possible, even though it is probably the last thing on your mind. Despite this fact, this is the time when you will need an Odessa truck accident lawyer most. Make sure to contact one of the qualified Odessa semi trailer accident lawyers listed on this page. Hire a qualified Odessa semi  trailer accident attorney to help protect your rights.

Truck Companies in Odessa Set Deadlines

Odessa trucking companies expect deliveries to be made on time. This can put undue stress on the driver to make his deadlines. As mentioned, however, there are federal regulations that govern the number of hours the truck driver is allowed to drive. An Odessa trucker must go off duty and rest after a certain amount of hours.

More often than not, truckers will end up driving long past the time when they should have taken a rest stop. The trucker’s reflexes slow down when fatigue sets in. Unfortunately, when this occurs, innocent motorists can be injured or killed. The trucker’s failure to take breaks and get the proper amount of rest as prescribed by the law can end up in a disastrous accident of a semi truck, big rig, or stake truck along an Odessa highway. In these cases, an Odessa trucking company may be also found to be held accountable for the driver’s negligent behavior and have to pay at least a portion of the victim’s personal injury or property damage claim.

Odessa Truck Stops

One of the most common ways truckers get adequate rest is to use a truck stop. If an Odessa truck driver fails to get proper rest, which is defined under federal and Texas truck regulations, then the driver will be found negligent if a truck accident occurs due to driver fatigue. These establishments provide a quiet parking space where truckers can pull over and sleep in their cab.

Truck Stops in the Odessa, TX area:

Pilot Travel Center
4015 S FM 1788, Midland, TX 79706-2603
(432) 563-1683

Loves's Travel Stop & Country Store
1901 West Interstate 20, Odessa, TX 79763
(432) 335-7062

Butch's Quik Stop Automotive
1017 East 3rd Street, Odessa, TX 79761
(432) 332-054

2503 Rankin Highway, Midland, TX 79706
(432) 682-5024

Map of Truck Stops Near Odessa

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Odessa provides truck stops to help truckers avoid fatigue.


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