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There are many different types of semi-trucks; a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer can assist you in filing a lawsuit if you are involved in an accident with a Semi TruckIn a semi truck, big rig, or 18 wheeler the “semi trailer” is the part of the tractor-trailer combination that is coupled to the semi tractor. By definition, a semi trailer has no front axle, rather only a pair of axles in the rear, hence, the name “semi” trailer.

Lafayette Semi Injury Lawyer

It is not uncommon for tire failure on a semi trailer to be the cause of an accident or major wreck on the roads and highways in Lafayette, Indiana. When driving down Lafayette roads and freeways like I-65, US-52, US-231, SH-25, SH-26 or SH-38, there is a necessity for taking precautions – one precaution is to make sure that the tires on the semi trailer are properly inflated and maintained. Tire failure such as a blowout due to tread burn or under-inflated tires are some of the main causes for semi trailer accidents and crashes in Lafayette, Indiana.

Types of Semi Trailers on Lafayette Highways

There are a variety of semi trailer designs made for specific applications. Lafayette’s freeway and highway system, which allows for easy access to all parts of the city, can sometimes have restrictions about what kinds of trailers or trucks can travel on what roadways. Semi trucks of any variety can easily become involved in a collision such as the following:There are many types of semi trailers traveling on Lafayette roads; contact a Semi Trailer Accident Lawyer if you have been involved in an accident with a Semi Trailer.

  • Standard Freight Van
  • Flatbed
  • Lowboy
  • Drop-deck trailer
  • Double decker
  • Dump trailer for hauling gravel
  • Log hauler or logging truck
  • Grain hauler
  • Dry Bulk trailer
  • Reefer (Refrigerator truck)
  • Container trailer
  • Swap body
  • Tanker trailer
  • Curtain sider
  • Sidelifter
  • Car-carrying trailer

Why You Need To Hire a Lafayette Semi Trailer Accident Lawyer

Sometimes a Lafayette semi trailer accident attorney must retain the services of scientific and medical experts to prove both the cause of the accident and the cause of your injuries. Additionally, a qualified tractor trailer accident lawyer will investigate the accident and document important evidence discovered at the scene of the crash. Additionally, there will be truck logs, and other important information to be used in your case against the trucker, trucking company, or the company’s insurer. After you’ve suffered a truck accident injury from a major tractor trailer truck wreck, arranging expert witness testimony and preparing important physical and documentary evidence are some of the ways a Lafayette semi trailer injury lawyer can help you.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a serious semi trailer wreck, 18-wheeler crash or big rig accident, and tragedy strikes you, a family member, or a friend, hiring a lawyer is the last thing on your mind. Despite this fact, this is the time when you will need a Lafayette truck accident lawyer most. Make sure to contact one of the qualified Lafayette semi trailer accident lawyers listed on this page. Hire a qualified Lafayette semi  trailer accident attorney to help protect your rights.

Lafayette Semi Trailer Accidents Due to Tire Failure

All semi trailers have one thing in common - tires, and tire failure is one of the most common causes of semi truck accidents. Imagine a semi trailer with a heavy load weighing upwards of 70,000 lbs. on a Lafayette highway or interstate such as the I-65 barreling down the road at speeds upwards of 55 - 65 mph. This can generate a lot of friction and heat where the rubber meets the road. Here’s where things like tire pressure and tread wear start to take on a whole new meaning.

Tire Debris on Lafayette Highways

No doubt, Lafayette residents have driven on any of a number of Lafayette highways like the Interstate-465 which encircles Lafayette’s downtown, and all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, there is tire debris directly in front of them on the roadway. If a small, lightweight passenger vehicle strikes tire debris at high speed, it can send the car out of control and trigger a multi-vehicle accident, or, at the very least, severely damage the car’s suspension and disable the vehicle. The suspension in today’s lightweight cars is prone to damage from even the slightest bump, so just imagine what can happen if a small car hits a massive stationary object like a semi trailer tire at high speed. This can send the car careening off into another lane of oncoming traffic on a Lafayette highway. Even if the driver manages to swerve and avoid the debris, the vehicle may swerve and crash their car as a result.

Under-Inflation Causes Lafayette Semi Trailer Accidents

Another common cause of Lafayette semi trailer accidents is “under-inflation” of tires. A few years ago in the news a number of fatal SUV accidents happened and under-inflation was found to be the cause. Under-inflation leads to an even more deadly situation in a semi trailer accident. One of the many responsibilities of Lafayette truckers are to make sure that their tires are properly inflated. This must be part of any pre-trip inspection and is required by law. Low inflation can lead to overheating, tread failure, sidewall failure and eventual blowout. If you or a loved one have been injured in Lafayette as the result of a commercial truck accident involving a semi truck, 18-wheeler, big rig, tractor trailer, or bus, you should immediately contact a Lafayette truck accident lawyer.

Lafayette Semi Trailer Crashes Caused by Tread Burn

Lafayette semi trailer accidents can be caused by tire failure from burnt treads. Truck tires on heavily traveled Lafayette roads are subject to heat buildup under the tremendous forces and can fail as a result. The combination of high speeds, heavy loads, and high temperatures can cause truck tire treads to overheat and start to burn. Too much heat and friction can eventually buildup under these conditions, causing the treads begin to burn and separate. Under the right conditions, tire blow outs can even occur on brand new tires with little wear and tear. A Lafayette trucker must maintain the tires of his big rig as part of his inspection list.

Lafayette Tire Repair Facilities

When a semi trailer is moving down the road on a Lafayette highway like the I-65, US-52, US-231, SH-25, SH-26 or SH-38, the truck may require tire maintenance. Again, the responsibility of the semi trailer driver to check the tires in order to avoid a major accident caused by tire failure such as a blow out or a wreck caused by a bent rim, under inflated tires, tread separation, etc. Driver negligence will be charged to the trucker if an accident occurs as a result of failing to conduct an inspection to detect tire problems. The semi trailer driver or trucking company will be legally responsible for damages to the victims. Truckers should have their tires inspected routinely to avoid, this. New tires and tire repairs are available at the following Lafayette tire shops:

Lafayette tire repair shops:

Discount Tire®
240 South Creasy Lane
Lafayette, IN 47905
(765) 447-1541

Midas Lafayette
804 Sagamore Parkway North
Lafayette, IN 47904‎
(765) 447-7646

Pep Boys Auto
2121 Sagamore Parkway South
Lafayette, IN 47905
(765) 446-9499

Unique Auto Care & Tire Center
3605 McCarty Lane
Lafayette, IN 47905‎
(765) 588-3124

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Centers
515 Sagamore Parkway North
Lafayette, IN 47904‎
(765) 446-8000

Map of Tire Repair Facilities in Lafayette

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Tire repair shops are conveniently located around the Lafayette area.


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